Warranty Information

Our General Warranty for Labor and Parts

Labor Warranty

Clutch Computer LLC (“Clutch Computer”) stands by its builds and provides any Original Purchaser of any Clutch Computer purchased from us free labor for component replacement in the event a Clutch Computer’s technician determines that a component part has failed due to a cause not excluded from our general warranty as explained below. 

Original Component Parts Warranty

Clutch Computer warrants and will replace any original component part of the Original Purchaser’s Clutch Computer if it fails during normal operation of gaming activity within one (1) year of delivery of the Clutch Computer to the Original Purchaser 

After one (1) year from the date of delivery, Clutch Computer will continue to provide labor free of charge to change out any component part(s) determined by our technicians to be defective provided, the Original Purchaser purchases from Clutch Computer the replacement component part(s) deemed necessary by a Clutch Computer technician.

The phrase “normal operation of gaming activity” means that our Parts Warranty does not, and will not, provide coverage and becomes void if it is determined by our technician that:

(a) a RAM, CPU or GPU has been overclocked above its limits causing damage to these or other component parts, or

(b)  a modification of the original build of the Clutch Computer that was shipped to the Original Purchaser has occurred, or

Furthermore, neither our Labor Warranty nor our Parts Warrant applies to:

 (a) any gaming computer accessories sold through Clutch Computers whether they branded as Clutch Computer merchandise or not, and

(b) Clutch Computer LLC does not cover any software included on or purchased with a Clutch Computer. 

Damages Are Excluded from Warranty

Damages to any component part that comprised the original build of the Clutch Computer of which its Original Purchaser seeks to have covered by warranty  which is caused in whole or in part by impacts, fluids, fire, flood, wind, earthquake, lightning or similar disaster; modifications, attachments or peripherals, improper use, environment, installation or electrical supply; improper maintenance; any other misuse, abuse, or mishandling by a customer IS NOT COVERED under our Labor Warranty and IS NOT COVERED under our Original Component Parts warranty. Clutch Computer LLC reserves the right to deny any warranty request if its technician believes the claim is related to any of the above causes.

Clutch Computer LLC shall not be liable for any other damages of any type and other claims regardless of whether they are based upon breach of warranty, breach of contract, negligence, or any other theory of liability. 

Cost of Return Shipment:

All shipping costs incurred in connection with a customer returning a computer to us, all shipping costs incurred in sending a computer to us for diagnostic inspection and all shipping costs incurred in us shipping a repaired computer back to the customer are the responsibility of the customer and shall be paid by the customer – NOT by Clutch Computers.